Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Ford Makes a Difference

If you’re in the market for a pre-owned vehicle in the Webster, NY area, Whittaker Ford has a full range of Certified Pre-Owned Ford models ready and waiting. At Whittaker Ford, we take pride in offering Certified Pre-Owned vehicles, and buying Certified Pre-Owned has numerous advantages over buying a regular pre-owned car. If you’re looking to minimize your risk and maximize your value in the pre-owned market, a Certified Ford might be just right for you.

What Is Ford Certified Pre-Owned?

Any vehicle that’s previously had an owner or been driven is considered a pre-owned or used vehicle. You can buy a pre-owned vehicle from a private seller or from a dealership, but not every pre-owned vehicle is Certified Pre-Owned. This is a special designation testifying to the high quality and like-new status of the Ford model.
The Ford Certified Pre-Owned program only includes vehicles that are less than six years old and have fewer than 80,000 miles. Each vehicle is subject to a 172-point inspection, which checks every area of the car, from the body and interior systems to the brakes and tires. Anything that isn’t in like-new condition must be repaired or replaced before the vehicle can be certified.
Also, if the vehicle has been in a significant accident or damaged severely, it cannot be certified. Ontario, NY shoppers can see the ownership and maintenance history for themselves thanks to a complimentary vehicle history report.
Finally, you receive a bumper-to-bumper warranty for 12 months after purchase, along with a powertrain warranty extending seven years from when the vehicle was new.
The bottom line is that, unlike a regular pre-owned vehicle, a CPO vehicle has been vetted and offers an added level of transparency and quality-assurance prior to you buying it.

Why Buy Ford Certified?

A Certified Pre-Owned vehicle gives you the best of both worlds. From a cost perspective, Macedon, NY shoppers will be paying pre-owned prices rather than new vehicle prices. At the same time, you’ll have some guarantees as to the quality and condition of your vehicle.
When buying a typical used vehicle, you don’t have the same guarantee of quality. While you can do a variety of things to check the quality, such as having an independent mechanic check it out, you probably won’t be able to review the vehicle extensively enough to even come close to the assurance offered by a Certified Pre-Owned Ford model.
With a Certified Pre-Owned Ford, one of our expert technicians with years of experience has validated every system and part in the vehicle, and you’ll know exactly what condition the vehicle you’re buying is in. You’ll also receive factory-backed warranty protection.

Whittaker Ford Offers Certified Pre-Owned Ford Vehicles

Ford is well-known for its dependability, performance and safety, and at Whittaker Ford, we stock a large variety of Certified Pre-Owned Ford models. We’ve got a wide selection of different body styles to fit your individual driving needs.
Buying a Ford means getting a high-quality vehicle that’s built to last, and can deliver no matter what you need to use it for. Ford has been a quintessential make on the roads of Newark, NY for many years, and that longevity comes in part from the fact that Ford models are highly durable and fulfill the needs of all sorts of drivers. Our selection of Ford models are all attractively priced and ready to take care of your driving needs for the years to come.
If you’re looking for a pre-owned Ford in the Williamson, NY area, stop by Whittaker Ford and take a look at our Certified Pre-Owned inventory today! We’ll be happy to set you up with a test drive and help you find an option that fits your wants and needs beautifully. Contact us online or by phone, or visit Whittaker Ford if you have any questions about Ford’s Certified Pre-Owned program!



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