When Schedule a Suspension Alignment

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Suspension alignment should be routine maintenance. We can discuss when the Whittaker service team should inspect your car’s alignment later. First, let’s talk about suspension alignment and why it matters.

What Suspension Alignment Means

When its parts are positioned right, a suspension is aligned correctly. If suspension components move out of their proper position, misalignment occurs. Improper alignment alters your tire’s contact with the road.

Causes of Misalignment

Worn suspension parts are one factor in suspension misalignment. Rough road surfaces and driving style are two more. With cautious driving around the Webster, NYT, area, motorists can keep their suspension system in alignment for longer and avoid the dangers of misalignment.

Slow Up for Road Hazards

Avoid hitting potholes too fast and striking curbs. Slow down to the posted speed limit before going over a speed bump.

Avoid Suspension Modification

A car or truck’s suspension works best at the manufacturer’s ride height near Newark, NY. Alterations like lifting or lowering might throw a vehicle out of alignment.

Check Alignment After an Accident

The impact of a collision could be sufficient to cause a suspension system shift. After an accident, have our dealership service department check your car’s alignment.

Why Proper Alignment Matters

With the proper suspension setup, your tires last longer. The safety benefits of appropriate suspension alignment outweigh the financial. Your vehicle cannot drift to the left or right. A car out of alignment is less responsive to the steering wheel and more challenging to control.

When to Schedule an Alignment

Your owner’s manual or a dealership technician is your best source for deciding when to align your vehicle. There are other indicators to be aware of near Ontario, NY.
  • The vehicle pulls left or right
  • The steering wheel vibrates
  • The steering wheel spokes are angled when going straight
  • The tires wear out unevenly or too early
  • The car shimmies

Schedule an Alignment at Your Discretion

When you experience the above, have your car alignment tested immediately. We cannot wait to service your vehicle and provide peace of mind when you need it most near Macedon, NY.



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